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Is Recreational Marijuana Legal in Ohio?


Step 1:

Ohioans Voted "YES!" Passing Issue 2


Step 2:

Keep An Eye out Dec 7th for Updates


Step 3:

Await Details to Buy from Dispensaries


Unlocking Ohio's Cannabis Future:

Navigating Issue 2 and What Lies Ahead for Recreational Cannabis

Ohio celebrates a milestone as Issue 2, "Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol," passes in the 2023 state election, making it the 24th state to legalize adult-use cannabis. With over half of voters supporting the measure, citizens eagerly anticipate when access to dispensaries will be granted.

Please Note: As of now, the passing of Issue 2 doesn't grant immediate access to dispensaries for recreational purchases. The law is scheduled to take effect 30 days after the election, around Dec. 7. However, the Division of Marijuana Control is actively working on determining the integration of the adult-use program with the existing medical marijuana program. This means it may take some time before citizens can make purchases at dispensaries under the new law. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development.

Charting the Course:

Ohio's Roadmap for Recreational Legalization

Ohioans have spoken, and the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol secured a ballot spot after collecting 127,772 signatures. As an initiated statute, the law will take effect 30 days after the election, technically starting on Dec. 7.

However, the Division of Marijuana Control will determine the integration of the adult-use program with the existing medical marijuana program in the coming months. Citizens, aged 21 and older, can possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis or 15 grams of extract, but buying from dispensaries may take up to a year.


Cultivating Change:

The Many Perks of Ohio's Adult-Use Marijuana Program

Explore the advantages of an Adult Use Marijuana Program:

  • Variety: Access a greater variety of cannabis products from Ohio and well-known brands.
  • Home Grow: Grow up to 6 plants per person and 12 per household; details from the Division of Marijuana Control to follow.
  • Social Equity: New licenses for social equity dispensaries and cultivators, fostering community development.
  • Tax Benefits: Communities hosting adult use dispensaries enjoy 36 percent of cannabis program revenue.
  • Stigma Reduction: Legalization for all adults may reduce the stigma around medical cannabis.

What Happens Next?
Issue 2 isn't eligible for veto, but the Ohio Legislature could vote to repeal or change any part of the law. Stay updated with MedicateOH for the latest insights and rules governing Ohio's adult-use cannabis program. Subscribe for weekly updates in your inbox.