Need Your Medical Marijuana Card Renewed?

How to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card

If you need to renew your Ohio medical marijuana card, you'll have to update your doctor's recommendation and update your registry information. Patients will have to log into the Registry themselves, but if you need assistance - Bloom is here to help you understand and guide you through the process!

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Step 1: Update Your Physician Recommendation

Get a New Reccomendation from Your Physician

Patients need to receive a new recommendation from their recommending physician. Talk to your doctor about your conditions, the results of your cannabis treatment, and they should provide a new recommendation that you can use when renewing your medical marijuana card.

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Step 2: Comple the Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

Log into the Registry to Pay Your Renewal Fee

Patients do not receive an automated email from the Registry with a link to renew their registration, so you would have to login within 30 days of the registration expiration date, or after receiving a new recommendation if the registration has expired.

Patients can visit and sign in using their email address and the password they created when they activated their Registry account.

  • Complete your patient or caregiver renewal
  • Pay the annual registration fee
    • Indigent or Veteran status may qualify to have their registration fee by 50%.
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Notes to Keep in Mind With Renewing Your Card

Keep Track of Your Card's Expiration Date!

If the registration and recommendation are expired, the patient will need to obtain a new recommendation before they can renew the registration. After the new recommendation is issued, the “RENEW CARD” button will appear in the Registry account, and the patient can complete the renewal process. If you've forgotten your medical marijuana account login and password, the registry has password recovery instructions here.

Once a patient has logged into their Registry account, they can click the red button labelled “RENEW CARD” to renew their registration.

After successfully submitting the registration renewal fee, patients will be returned to their Registry profile. The new active Registry card will be visible on the left side of the page with a new expiration date. Select the Download button to print or save your medical marijuana card.

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If you have any questions about renewing registrations, you can contact the Board via email at [email protected]