Dispensary Near Tallmadge, Ohio

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Registered patients in Tallmadge, OH can now visit our nearby medical marijuana dispensary in Akron. Located just 3 miles away near the city center of Tallmadge, our staff is ready to serve patients throughout the Summit County area.

Stop by our medical marijuana dispensary near Tallmadge.OH and feel the bloom difference. Our mission is to provide patients with a compassionate, professionally trained staff ready to assist in patient relief from your qualifying condition. We provide an extensive selection of safe, third-party tested, medical marijuana products ranging from flower, tinctures, oils for vaping, concentrates, edibles, and transdermal patches.

Our goal is to make sure every patient that walks into our dispensary is listened and cared for in unison with our core values. This is what makes our dispensary different.

  • We're a family business - and our patients are part of our family.
  • If we wouldn't use it - or recommend to a family member - we don't sell it.
  • We analyze thousands of studies, research and scientific information to provide you only the most effective products available.

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