Your First Time Dispensary Visit & Deals

Learn what to bring and how to buy marijuana on your first time Ohio dispensary visit.


Going to the Dispensary for the First Time

Before you visit a dispensary in Ohio for the first time, make sure you've have the following:

  • Current physician's recommendation.
  • Valid government-issued ID.
  • Active Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry Card.

If you have all three then you are ready for your first time visit to any of our Bloom Ohio dispensaries.

Find a Dispensary Near You

It's important to find a dispensary that best fits your needs. The dispensary you choose should offer amazing customer service, a large selection of products, and great deals. At Bloom you get all three, we offer fast checkout lanes when you are on the go, plus free patient consultations for when you want a more in-depth conversation about our products.

Stop in any of our nearby Ohio dispensary locations in Akron, Columbus, Maumee, Painesville, and Seven Mile!

How to Buy Marijuana

Securing your medical marijuana card is the first step to accessing cannabis legally. Once you have your card, the journey to purchasing your first medical marijuana products begins, a process that is both exciting and new. Here's a step-by-step guide to your first-time experience at a dispensary like Bloom:

Checking In: Upon arrival at the dispensary, you'll check in at reception. Here, you'll present your medical marijuana card and ID. This is a standard procedure to ensure compliance with state laws and to maintain a safe environment for all patients.

Entering the Dispensary: After checking in, you'll enter the dispensary area, where a wide range of cannabis products awaits. It's normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by the options, but everything is organized to help you navigate the selection easily.

Exploring Products: At Bloom, our knowledgeable agents assist you in exploring our wide range of cannabis products, providing detailed guidance tailored to your preferences and needs. They offer insights into the nuances of each product type, whether you're drawn to flowers, edibles, concentrates, or topicals, ensuring you make an informed decision that best suits your lifestyle and wellness goals.

Making Your Purchase: Once you've selected your products, the agent will assist you with your purchase, providing information on dosages and proper usage. Payment is typically made at this point, and you'll receive your products in discreet packaging.

After Your Visit: After your purchase, you can reach out to the dispensary if you have any further questions or need additional guidance on using your products. Bloom is committed to providing ongoing support to ensure a positive and beneficial experience for all patients.

This process is designed to be welcoming and informative, ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident in your medical marijuana journey.

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First Time Dispensary Deals

While specific first-time dispensary deals are not available due to state regulations, we're excited to offer amazing daily deals and group discounts, ensuring you access some of the best medical marijuana deals in Ohio. Get our deals early and right to your inbox by signing up for our Ohio Dispensary Deals, don’t miss out!

Can You Buy Marijuana Online?

You sure can! Each of our Ohio dispensaries in Akron, Columbus, Maumee, Painesville, and Seven Mile offer marijuana online ordering for pick-up. Find the Bloom Ohio dispensary near you and order right from our menu pages.

Medical Marijuana FAQ

Yes, there are specific limits for medical marijuana purchases in Ohio. It is pretty straightforward to pick up a quarter, a half ounce, or a full ounce - but these limits are established to regulate the amount of medical cannabis a patient can buy and possess, ensuring usage is within safe and legal boundaries set by state laws.

  • You can view your 90-Day Supply by logging into your profile on the Patient & Caregiver Portal.
  • Fill calculators are provided by the Ohio Department of Commerce found here.
  • Review this 90-Day Supply Guidance for a breakdown on the 90 Day Supply Cycle